How does CBD affect Women's health?

How does CBD affect Women's health?

Let's talk about CBD and women's health! Over the last 10 years CBD and women’s health have been closely studied and researched-and the results are pretty exciting.

Today Hemp Farmacy is laying out all the ways that CBD affects women specifically! Everyone loves trying natural and new ways to promote a healthy lifestyle, but CBD could be helping you in more instances than you even thought possible. Ready to be inspired this National Women’s Day? Keep reading to learn more, and bookmark the graphics at the bottom for a quick reference of all the possible ways CBD can potentially promote wellness in women!


                                 Relief of PMS and Period Symptoms

For many women PMS is a painful, debilitating experience. Cramps, nausea, headaches, irritability and other intense symptoms can happen during “that” time of the month.

Certain conditions like PCOS or endometriosis can make those pains even more aggressive. If you suffer from mild to extreme pain with PMS then CBD could potentially help. CBD can promote a relaxed sensation in the body and mind- so it only makes sense that using CBD when it’s “that time” of the month could totally help with the symptoms mentioned above.

Periods are no joke, and you deserve mobility and the best quality life possible the entire month long. Shop the link at the end of the post to explore quality CBD products that could potentially help you alleviate those monthly symptoms.


                                                    Anxiety Relief

Did you know that women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety as men? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America from the beginning of puberty until age 50 women are twice as likely as men to develop serious anxiety disorders.

Generalized Anxiety disorder can affect everything from home life to work. It's one of the most common disorders in America; so it’s  possible that you or someone you’re close to suffers from anxiety.

Symptoms include feeling restless, fatigued, difficulty focusing, irritability and insomnia. If you suffer from these symptoms you should talk to your doctor. Many people with anxiety use CBD oils and tinctures as a natural way to mitigate their stress. Big pharmaceuticals that help with anxiety disorders can be efficient- but  many of them can be habit forming and come with intense side affects. Broad or Full spectrum CBD could potentially provide some relief for anxious symptoms.


                                                Autoimmune Disorders

Almost 75% of people with an autoimmune disease are female. To break it down even further- 9 out of 10 patients with Lupus are female! Since these numbers are so skewed towards women it’s important to note how CBD can impact the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

CBD could potentially help lower inflammation in the body, which in turn could potentially help improve symptoms of autoimmune diseases for some people. A study from the European Journal of Pain says that utilizing topicals could help women looking for relief from inflammation. Topicals are a way to absorb CBD through the skin cells- making it a direct and localized approach for pain relief.

                                                 Skin, Hair and Nails

People will try just about anything to stop a breakout- we’ve all had that moment of weakness where a family member or friend convinces us that something crazy, like toothpaste or baking soda, might help us get flawless skin. If you’re looking for a product that can help ease redness, irritation and breakouts then CBD might be just be the thing to try. All natural and engineered for skin (unlike your mom’s toothpaste trick) CBD skincare products are thought to help soothe the sebaceous glands that get irritated and cause breakouts. Not to mention that CBD consumption could also help with keratin production! You’ve probably heard of Keratin before; it’s all over main stream hair-care products. But the best way to get results from Keratin is definitely from the inside out- increasing your keratin production leads to healthier hair, skin and nails.

Women have even more endocannabinoid receptors in their body than men- meaning that in many instances it’s possible for women to experience the benefits of CBD on an even greater level than their male counterparts. If you’re ready to take that next step in your wellness journey and find how the natural effects of CBD could potentially benefit you then click the link below to check out our shop of quality assured CBD products. We’ve also included some diagrams below about how CBD can potentially help women. Bookmark this page for reference when you’re ready to shop to review all the benefits of CBD for yourself or another prominent woman in your life.



These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. Please consult your primary care physician if you are seeking treatment.

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