The proposed amendments to the Farm Bill threaten the hemp industry by using threatening language that could result in the prohibition of any product containing THC. We understand the many benefits that hemp derived products provide consumers and are seeking to protect access to those products. Join us in contacting representatives to encourage them to vote for amendments that invalidate these harmful provisions. Below are contact information for representatives as well as a letter template for your use.

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As one of your constituents, I am writing to express my deep concerns about the current language in the proposed Farm Bill that threatens the future of the U.S. hemp industry. A provision introduced by Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), without a roll call vote, seeks to federally ban all ingestible hemp products containing any quantifiable amount of THC.

This provision is problematic because approximately 90-95% of hemp products naturally contain trace amounts of THC, including the vast majority of non-intoxicating CBD products. This is an inherent characteristic of the hemp plant and its derivatives. Furthermore, the proposed redefinition of hemp within this provision would severely disrupt the hemp fiber and grain industries by imposing new compliance measurements that many producers cannot meet. This would result in the loss of essential markets for hemp farmers and limit consumer access to products they depend on for health and wellness.

While I support the regulation of hemp products to prevent intoxicating substances from reaching children, the current language in the Farm Bill overreaches. It poses an existential threat to the hemp industry, seemingly to benefit a few monopolistic marijuana companies by eliminating competition from hemp-derived products.

I urge you to support amendments to the Farm Bill that remove these harmful provisions. If these amendments fail, I strongly encourage you to oppose the Farm Bill on the House floor to protect the viability of the hemp industry and the many Americans who rely on its products.

Thank you for considering my concerns.

[Your Name]

Rep. IL - 15

Mary Miller

If you value access to hemp-derived products, it's crucial to contact Congresswoman Miller, who is responsible for proposing amendments to the Farm Bill that could restrict this access. By sharing your personal story of how hemp has positively impacted your life, you can help highlight the real-world benefits of these products and advocate for their continued availability. Your voice is essential in ensuring that the diverse needs and experiences of consumers are considered in the legislative process. Reach out to Congresswoman Miller today and make sure your story is heard!


Contact your local representatives listed below and use your voice to fight for the protection of the hemp industry and its consumers.


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